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There is nothing more important to us than our children.  We want the best for them. At the Steele School PTA we dedicate all our time to enriching the lives of our children.  Our focus is on education, health, safety and of course, fun.

Field Trips


Even though our school district no longer provides for field trips, the Steele School PTA ensures that every class that wants to go on a field trip is able to. We offset the cost that the individual students have to pay.  Every grade goes on at least one field trip per year.


Some of the field trip destinations that the children experience are CSTL Tanglewood, Garvies Point Museum, the Children's Museum, the Green Meadows Farm, Safety Town and more!


We pay for and coordinate all of the cultural arts assemblies in the school. Many of our programs are booked through the BOCES Cultural Arts Program.


We have brought many enriching programs into the school such as the Nutcracker Interactive Presentation and Peter and the Wolf Holiday concerts by Arts Horizons; the very popular Submerge Storytelling, an immersive mystery event that requires the children to draw conclusions about the story's characters, plot, and themes teaching literacy, critical thinking and life skills;  Cory the Dribbler's Anti-bullying program; the always popular Hip Hop Day assembly; the Our Living Planet in-school planetarium, Mad Science, Funance for Kids, Bash the Trash, TeePee Ted, and many more.

Health and Safety

We run two safety programs annually.  The Bike Rodeo is held in the fall. This is a AAA approved bike safety program held after-school where the children are taught how to ride their bikes safely.


In the spring we also coordinate a school-wide TOH child safety ID program where the parents are given the opportunity to get ID cards and fingerprints of their children.

in 2014, we worked to have the Verity Street bus schedule changed so that the bus no longer comes down the street during drop-off.  In 2016, we worked with the town to get a drop-off zone designated outside the school to eliminate the double parking issue in the morning.


Garden Club is an in-school program.  The Steele School organic garden is planned, coordinated and maintained entirely by PTA members and students at Steele School.

For more detailed information on all of our clubs and to find out more about ways that you can contribute.  Visit our ongoing programs page.

Reading Encouragement

Learning to read is the single most important activity in a child’s education. Studies show that children who read at home are better prepared to succeed in formal education.


PARP - We run the annual NYSPTA PARP (Pick a Reading Partner) Program. PARP is a program that asks parents to read with their children for at least fifteen minutes daily, stressing the fact that reading can be fun as well as informative.  This is a fun way to get parents involved in their children's education and a great way to encourage kids to read.  View our PARP program for 2018 here.


Bookfairs - We also sponsor two book fairs per year.  We want to make sure that books are available to the children. The books are offered to the children at discounted prices and one of the fairs is buy one get one free. We collect gently used books to offer at a free book table for those children who are unable to purchase new books.


Our PTA participates in the annual National Reflections program.  The National PTA's Reflections program welcomes students of all grades and abilities to explore and be involved in the arts. Students reflect on a theme, create original works of art in the categories of dance, choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts and earn positive recognition for their achievements. For more information, visit the NYS PTA Website.

​School Photos

School Picture Day is coordinated, booked and staffed by the PTA.

Translation Services

Our bilingual parents provide translation for a number of important parent/teacher events including PTA Meetings, daily office communication, PTA flyers, and some AIS/Title 1 meetings as needed.

And More...
  • We provide fun, family-oriented entertainment for the children including movie nights, jambouree, family fun nights, father/daughter dances, memorial day parade fun, arts and crafts programs and many more.

  • We advocate and lobby for the rights of our children in school.

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